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Frequently asked questions

Fresh Garden Vegetables and Berries

There are no general licenses or permits from the state necessary for selling fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets. We appreciate the organic variety.

Baked Goods

Do I have to put a label on my Homestead food products? Yes, both exempt and non-exempt Homestead food operations are required to label Homestead food products. The basic information that must be on the label is as follows:
~ Name
~ Address
~ Phone number of the homestead food operation
~ Name of the homestead food product
~ The ingredients of the product
~ The name of each major food allergen contained in the food unless it is already part of the common or usual name of the respective ingredient already disclosed in the ingredient statement.


There is no state license required to sell shell eggs in NH, providing the farm has fewer than 3,000 laying hens. We recommend that cartons of eggs be stored in a cooler containing ice packs when being transported to and from markets and when being sold at the market. We discourage displaying a full carton of eggs out on a table, or on top of a cooler, as some vendors like to do to advertise that they’re offering eggs for sale. An empty carton may be used for this purpose. The price must be clearly displayed and name/phone of farm on the carton.

Meats (State Licensing required)
Contact the Dept. of Food Protection at with any questions you have regarding the production and distribution of meats.

Dairy (State Licensing required)

Any dairy products must be kept at temperatures in compliance with state or local ordinances. Farms may sell raw milk to consumers at farmers’ markets. If a farm sells more than 80 quarts of milk per day, or if the farm processes the milk into other dairy products like yogurt, butter, or cheese, then the farm needs to obtain a license from NHDHHS’s Division of Dairy Sanitation – call 271-4673 for more information.


Bottle labels must state the name of the producer, volume of contents, name of preservative (if applicable), the term “Pasteurized” or “Not Pasteurized” or “Unpasteurized.” The word “Fresh” may only be used if the cider is raw, has never been frozen or heated, and contains no preservatives. Per FDA rule, cider being offered for sale “off premises” must be pasteurized. A farmers market is considered an extension of the producer’s farm. Therefore, unpasteurized cider may be sold at markets providing the vendor is the processor of the cider. Cider must be kept at a temperature of 45 °F or set in ice. Also, the volume must be represented as well as the price clearly displayed.

Maple Syrup & Honey

Honey and maple syrup are not considered homestead food products. These products are regulated by the NH Department of Agriculture. Please contact 603-271-3551 for licensing, permitting and inspection.


What are Potentially Hazardous Foods? (from the NH HHS Food Safety web)
“Potentially hazardous food” means foods requiring temperature control for safety because they are capable of supporting the rapid growth of pathogenic or toxigenic microorganisms, and the growth of toxin production of Clostridium botulinum. Potentially hazardous foods include process acidified and low acid canned foods such as pickles and relish.

Examples of Potentially Hazardous Foods are as follows: - Meat (beef, pork, lamb) - Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck) - Fish  - Milk and dairy products - Cooked, plant-based foods - Untreated garlic and oil mixtures. Above foods are to be processed through a licensed and state inspected facility.

Other Regulatory info from the Dept of Agriculture NH

We do our best to guide vendors and abide to state regulations. Vendor is responsible for proper permits, necessary state licensing, insurance, product liability, taxes, etc. Information above is only intended to assist. Find more complete information on or call (603) 271-3685.

Market manager reserves the right to regulate the sale of certain items as defined in the State of NH Dept. of Agriculture’s definition of “Farmers Market” referred to in RSA 21:34. 

Often we are asked questions about selling at a farmer's market in New Hampshire and here are some links that may help. 

of New Hampton, llc

The Open Air Market of New Hampton, llc, is registered with the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture.

Applications are available for 2018! Please contact Harold, market manager at 968-9530 for more info. 

All products must be grown or made in New Hampshire.

Current table fees are $15 per 10'x10' spot per venue.

Email or call to RSVP. 603-968-9530 

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